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Extend Rehabilitation - Finger

Extend Rehabilitation - Wilma Strapping

Extend Rehabilitation’s team of highly trained therapists will be with you every step of the way as you progress through your recovery to full health. Throughout each stage of your hand and upper limb rehabilitation treatment, our staff will always be there to answer your questions and ensure that you understand. With a range of services to help you with your recovery and clinics in the areas of Brisbane and Sydney, help is at hand for your recovery.


For hand and upper limb injury management, we employ a simple three step process:

Extend Rehabilitation - Finger

Step 1

We examine your injury or condition, listen to your concerns and, where needed, consult with your doctor or surgeon to thoroughly evaluate your treatment needs.  Our clinics believe communication and knowledge is everything, and understanding the precise nature of your injury or condition is key to a successful treatment plan.

Step 2

In close consultation with you, we will tailor an individual treatment plan to address your unique health challenge and lifestyle circumstances. This may also incorporate a home self-management plan, to ensure your treatment plan is both comprehensive and cost effective. We can custom-make casts and splints to ensure your injury heals in a fast and optimal manner, and are always available to answer your questions.

Step 3

Once you’ve begun your treatment plan we will continually monitor and re-assess your progress to ensure you’re on track to achieving your health goals. If changes are needed, we can discuss them and begin to implement any adjustments. Our team is committed to your complete care, and can stay with you to support you on your journey to health until you achieve optimal function.


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Extend Rehabilitation’s comprehensive range of hand therapy services includes:

•    Hand Therapy
•    Physiotherapy (including musculosketal physiotherapy)
•    Hospital Inpatient Services
•    Surgeon Co-Appointments
•    Dry Needling
•    Clinical Pilates

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