Every Tuesday & Thursday at 8am & 9am in our Bundaberg Clinic!

Our Bone Builder Class is a specifically designed program tailored to improve your bone density & joint health.

Providing both educational and practical components, this class has been built for those who suffer from osteoporosis and osteopenia, or for those who wish to be proactive about their bone health.

Our program includes a supervised exercise program by an exercise physiologist, and ongoing education and advice in how you can take charge of your bone health. If you wish we can organise a baseline measurement of your bone density and further reviews to watch your progress grow.

How does exercise help your bone density?

Science has shown us that our body adapts to all forces placed upon it. When we do exercise our muscles get bigger, as do our bones grow stronger. Our bones themselves are living tissue. This strong living tissue can adapt over time to forces and load. When you exercise regularly, your bone adapts by building more bone and becoming denser[1]It’s that clever and that simple!

Through the safe loading of our bones and with the appropriate exercises we give our bones the signal to get strong.

How can we and our Bone Builder classes help you!?

We will provide a fun and safe environment for you to learn and be proactive for your health. Music will be aplenty!

Through the educational components of the class, you will discuss a series of things that you can do to best protect & manage your bone health. You will discuss healthy lifestyle habits and choices, as  well as complete dietary guidance. While you may have been prescribed osteoporosis medication, there are several other things you can do to compliment this method of treatment. Regular exercise that combines light weight-bearing and resistance training can help you to improve muscle strength, posture, balance and can help you to improve bone density and health.

Improvements you may notice include:

• Improved physical fitness, muscle strength and mobility.

• Improved balance and coordination

• Reduced risk of bone fractures

• Reduced pain