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Physiotherapy is a health treatment which aims to restore movement in those suffering muscular injuries or disorders, using natural methods such as massage and exercise. If you are visiting a physiotherapist, what should you expect from the appointment?

Your First Visit To A Physiotherapist

The first time you see a physiotherapist you will be asked a series of questions regarding your medical history and the likely cause of your condition. This will aid in evaluating the correct management and treatment of your injury. You will need to provide the physiotherapist with any relevant reports or x-rays. The physiotherapist will then assess the nature and extent of your condition through an examination and observation of the affected muscles and joints. You may be required to change into a patient gown to allow the physio better access to the affected area. After your assessment, the physio will then explain your diagnosis and the recommended course of treatment. Typically, this would involve deep tissue massage and exercises but may also include recommendations for other treatment such as lasers, ultrasound, hydrotherapy or electrotherapy sessions.

After The First Session

To speed up the healing process you are likely to be given a program to continue at home which may include exercises, stretching the muscles, heat or ice therapy, postural awareness and changing your workplace setup. You will be told when you need to return for your next appointment.

You can expect to see the physio more than once until your condition has improved sufficiently. If you feel that physiotherapy is the right treatment for you, make an appointment with your local physiotherapist.